Inspection & Consultation Services We Offer

FloorTex Fibers & Fabrics Inspections flooring services

What We Do
All onsite physical inspections are performed by Certified Master Inspector LeVante Carrington. Unlike other inspection companies, we do not subcontract our inspection assignments to other third-party inspection agencies.

Each certified and completed professional inspection report includes the actual complaint, a brief history, parties involved, photographic images, onsite field testing, sample collection, the manufacturer's references, applicable industry standards, and the cause or analysis of the related failure. In some cases, destructive testing and thermal imaging may be required.
• Site-Related Issues
• Flooring and Wall Installation Failure Analysis
• Improper Cleaning & Maintenance—Care, Custody and Control Assessments
• Manufacturing Defects
• Product Performance Issues & Specifications Evaluations
• Substrate Structural Deficiencies
• Moisture Problems & Vapor Emissions Evaluations & Testing
• Claims and Warranty Assessments
• Certified Laboratory ASTM Testing
• Insurance Property Loss Evaluations for Flooring, Carpet & Upholstery Furnishing
• Expert Witness
Floor Types Serviced
• Luxury Vinyl Flooring
• Linoleum
• Sheet Vinyl
• Carpet Tiles
• Cork Flooring
• Tufted Carpet
• Woven Carpets
• Rubber Flooring
• Adhesive Issues
• Bamboo Flooring
• Laminate Flooring
• Natural Stones & Terrazzo
• Ceramic, Glass, or Porcelain Tiles
• Concrete & Wood Substrate
• Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring
• Fine Upholstery Fabrics & Area Rugs
• Natural Fibers—Sisal, Coir, Jute, Linen and Cotton
Additional services: roll crush steaming, side match color feather blending, micro shearing, stain removal, and spot dying.

Certifications and Membership Affiliations

CFI University
Advanced Flooring Specialist
Carpet Cushion Council
Floor Dective